Concrete vehicle sizes from our fleet in the West Midlands

With a varied range of concrete vehicle sizes, Accumix Concrete provides fast deliveries throughout the West Midlands, Worcestershire, South Birmingham, Staffordshire and Wolverhampton.

Red Accumix fleet

Comprehensive concrete delivery services

Are you looking for a reliable concrete supplier? From a home renovation to a civil engineering project to a major construction site, Accumix Concrete can provide you with all the concrete you will ever need.

Our team specialise in contract and commercial concrete supplies and also deliver concrete for the domestic DIY market. We can supply you with quality concrete for any construction project. Since all of our concrete is mixed and supplied on site, we ensure that there is never any wastage.

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Accumix Concrete Limited
  • BS 8500 certified to produce concrete to UK standards.
  • BS EN 206 certified to produce concrete to European standards.
  • 24/7 deliveries for commercial customers.
  • No wastage. You only pay for what you lay.

Custom-built Vehicles

Our fleet consists of 16 custom-built volumetric vehicles. These state of the art trucks give us total control over the consistency of the concrete. We are also able to adjust the mix proportions where required.

There is a 6 metre / 19.685 feet motorised concrete chute to deliver the concrete directly to the job in progress. Ideal for projects with limited site access.

If you need concrete delivered anywhere in the West Midlands for any purpose, speak to Accumix Concrete today.

Overall Dimensions

  • Width : 3 metres
  • Height : 3.7 metres
  • Length : 10 metres
Accumix lorry dimensions