Road concrete solutions across the UK

Road engineering projects need reliable sources of concrete. Accumix Concrete provides road concrete solutions throughout the UK.

Motorway bridge

Why choose Accumix Concrete for your next road construction project?

The requirements of a road construction site can change at any moment. The need for personnel, material or equipment can change at very short notice. Accumix Concrete can respond to the needs of your site quickly and effectively. We provide road concrete solutions throughout the UK.

If you need an urgent concrete delivery, are building slip-formed concrete barriers or require quick setting concrete for rapid return to service works, you can rely on Accumix Concrete.

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  • Tailored commercial concrete solutions.
  • Concrete mixed on site to your exact specifications.
  • 24/7 deliveries for commercial customers.
  • Specific road concrete solutions.

Comprehensive concrete services for the road building sector

Don’t get caught out without enough – or too much – concrete when constructing your next road! Our expert team will make sure you have exactly the right amount of concrete you need, exactly when you need it. Accumix Concrete specialises in road concrete solutions.

Our team is highly experienced in road surface installations and repairs, as well as drainage installations and replacing central barriers with slip-formed concrete barriers. All work is carried out according to the regulations set by Highways England.