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The aviation industry requires a range of specialised services. Accumix Concrete provides air concrete solutions throughout the UK.

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Leeds Bradford Airport

Scope of works: Runway Bay Replacement – Second Year

Initially, Accumix Concrete successfully replaced 15 bays for Leeds Bradford Airport. Our concrete specialists were then asked to return for a second visit to carry out further runway repairs. Work was completed out of hours on an exposed airfield in Yorkshire during February and March. Most work was completed by 1.30am however on one occasion concrete was poured at 3.30am. The airport opened on time with strength testing confirming the product’s performance. An additional 19 bays were replaced in total, equating to 254m3 concrete poured over the course of our work.

Leeds Bradford International Airport

Scope of works: Runway Bay Replacement

Accumix Concrete carried out major repairs to concrete runways at the Leeds Bradford International Airport. We put in place measures to ensure there was minimal operational disruption to the site. Our team worked day and night and replaced a number of bays and repaired many others. Eventually, we ensured the surface was safe and ready for aircraft. Using rapid setting solution concrete meant that the airport was able to deliver services to the public within hours of pouring.