Dependable flowing concrete supplies throughout the West Midlands

Want a better way to construct a level surface?

Accumix Concrete provides flowing concrete supplies throughout the West Midlands.

flowing concrete

Fast, easy surface construction

Constructing strong, level surfaces becomes fast and easy work with the flowing concrete from Accumix Concrete. This self-compacting concrete product was developed in association with Oscrete Construction Products. Flowing concrete is incredibly fluid. Once poured, there is no need to move or vibrate it. All you have to do is pour the flowing concrete into the required space and lightly dapple or tam it to finish it off.

Our flowing concrete will save you time and money by increasing the productivity and efficiency of your work site. We can deliver our free-flowing concrete to building sites anywhere in the West Midlands, including Worcestershire, South Birmingham, Staffordshire and Wolverhampton.

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Level concrete without the noise or labour

Discover an easier way to construct level, flat surfaces with our free flowing concrete. Free flowing concrete is completely self-levelling, so you don’t have to employ noisy vibrating machines once it has been poured. This product simply flows into the desired area without the need for spadework and quickly creates a strong level surface with minimum labour.