Our past road concrete projects in the West Midlands

Accumix Concrete is proud to have been involved in some of the biggest road concrete projects throughout the West Midlands, Worcestershire, South Birmingham, Staffordshire and Wolverhampton.

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PJ Davidson - Aberdeen Bypass Project

Aberdeen Bypass

The Aberdeen Bypass was one of the largest infrastructure projects in Scotland. The subcontractor PJ Davidson appointed Accumix Concrete to deliver concrete for the slip-formed central crash barriers. We supplied 9km3 of slipform barrier concrete in 12 weeks to a 40-mile plus long work site. The mix was unique to the Aberdeen Bypass project and used site won aggregates and specified admixture. Our equipment consisted of a mobile 60-tonne silo, a telescopic wheeled loader and four volumetric truck mixers. All work was completed on time and to the requested specifications. Our operational base was moved twice during the 12-week period to ensure continued productivity. The peak daily concrete outputs exceeded 180m3.

Joe Roocroft & Sons - M6 J19-20 Project

Contract: M6 J19-20

Accumix Concrete worked alongside Joe Roocroft and Sons to complete the motorway improvement scheme between Junction 16 (Crewe) and Junction 19 (Knutsford) on the M6. The project involved creating an “all lane running” smart motorway covering 20 miles. This project required upgrades to drainage systems and the installation of concrete safety barriers. We successfully delivered large volumes of concrete and produced consistent concrete over extensive lengths. This enabled the barriers and drainage systems to be formed in–situ. Approximately 3,600m3 of concrete was supplied over 16 weeks. Work schedules involved nights during the final month, which dramatically increased supply. Volumes of concrete provided peaked at 140m3 per shift.

Joe Roocroft & Sons - M65 Project

Contact: M65 June to November 2015

This £6.6m project was funded jointly by the Department for Transport and Lancashire County Council. The project required approximately 3,000m3 of concrete which was supplied by Accumix Concrete over a 23-week period. All concrete supplied was used by the slipforming team from Joe Roocroft and Sons to form barriers and drainage systems in-situ.

PJ Davidson - M5 J4a to 6 Sliproads Project

Contact: M5 J4a to 6 Sliproads

The M5 J4a to 6 Sliproads project was costed at £6.6m and funded jointly by the Department for Transport and Lancashire County Council. Accumix Concrete supplied approximately 3,000m3 of concrete during a 23-week period. The project involved replacing the existing central reservations with concrete barriers and replacing drainage systems. The daily concrete demand peaked at 180m3 in September 2015. Our expertise allowed Joe Roocroft and Sons to form the barrier and drainage systems in-situ.

Highways England - Area 9 Project

Contact: Area 9

Since 2009, Accumix Concrete has been a key contributor to a maintenance contract which covers many of the West Midlands’ major roads and motorways, including the M5, M6, M40, M42, M50, M54, M69, A5, A38, A38 (M), A46 and A49. Our experts have supplied concrete for numerous aspects of the project, with much of the work being done at night. These projects use rapid setting concrete to ensure that the surface can be used by traffic within hours of being poured.

Costain - M54 – J3 to J4 Project

Contact: M54 – J3 to J4 improvement scheme

Accumix Concrete partnered with contractors Costain on sections of the M54 in Telford, between Junctions 3 and 4. This project was for Highways England and EM Highways and ran for approximately 6 months. Work was completed in Spring 2015. Services provided included removing and replacing safety features and improving drainage and reducing noise. This project involved a combination of off-peak lane closures and full overnight closures with engineers working 24-hour shifts.

Costain - M42 – J3a to J5 Project

Contract: M42 – J3a to J5

Together with Costain, Accumix Concrete provided a series of repairs for the M42 between Junctions 3a and 5. This work involved resurfacing all four lanes on both carriageways. Working in partnership with Tarmac’s Building Products division, we delivered the required quantities of fast setting, ultra-rapid strength gain concrete. Over 100 concrete bays were created within two months. Each bay measured 3m x 5m.