For high performance lightweight concrete in the West Midlands

If weight is critical to the success of your construction project, Accumix Concrete can provide you with lightweight concrete throughout the West Midlands.

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A fast, eco-friendly and efficient solution

Developed in association with aggregate specialist Lytag, our lightweight concrete is the perfect solution when weight is a consideration. Lightweight concrete is able to be pumped to greater heights and can be transported without load weight restrictions, giving your worksite greater efficiency and a smaller carbon footprint.

With the same strength as natural aggregate concrete, lightweight concrete reduces the dead load of a building and can enable innovative designs as well as lowering the cost of reinforcement.

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Lightweight concrete made for heavy duty uses

In comparison with standard concrete, lightweight concrete reduces the coefficient of thermal expansion by up to a third. This means that fewer movement joints are required and your building will have less risk of thermal cracking. Lightweight concrete is incredibly strong, with a compressive strength of up to 65N.

Our volumetric delivery vehicles and site batching allow us to provide you with any size order of lightweight concrete. We can deliver lightweight concrete to your site anywhere in the West Midlands, including Worcestershire, South Birmingham, Staffordshire and Wolverhampton.