Dedicated supply solutions from our concrete specialists

Large-scale or long-term construction projects need a constant, reliable supply of quality concrete. For dedicated supply solutions in the UK, you can depend on Accumix Concrete.

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Benefit from our site batching systems

Accumix Concrete specialises in dedicated supply solutions that will enable you to meet individual contract delivery requirements with ease. Our site batching system offers you numerous advantages when compared with usual concrete delivery methods. We can help you to reduce your transport costs as all mixing equipment is based on site.

In this way, site batching will also help to reduce your environmental footprint. All unused water and aggregate will be recycled. The flexibility of batch mixing is unparalleled. You can have as much or as little concrete as you need, poured as you need it, increasing the efficiency of your work site.

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  • 24/7 deliveries for commercial customers.
  • BS 8500 certified and can produce concrete to UK standards.

Bespoke solutions to match your requirements

As our operations are quick to set up and do not require a large area, they will not disrupt the daily routines of your work site. All site batching is carried out by a fully qualified Accumix Concrete team member.

We adhere to the strictest quality and Health and Safety guidelines. When you need concrete supplies in the UK, make sure you call Accumix Concrete.