Dependable flowing screed supplies

Accumix Flowing Screed

Accumix have launched a flowing screed delivery service specifically to cater for domestic jobs in the West Midlands, Worcestershire and Shropshire and the south of Staffordshire.

Using volumetric trucks Accumix accurately produce;

  • Only what is required on site
  • Only when it is required on site
  • To the precise consistency required

Jobs requiring less than 4.5m3 are a speciality and jobs greater than 4.5m3 can be supplied using multiple vehicles.

Flowing screed benefits

Fastrack installation of large areas.  Once prepared, 100m2 can be installed in 10 minutes, a job that would take a full day using conventional products.

Ideal for underfloor heating as it complete encapsulates the heating pipes giving excellent and efficient heat transfer to the room.

Pumped application involves far less manual labour and reduces health and safety risks.

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