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Concrete Pump Service

Concrete Pump Service

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Did you know?

2.4 tonnes of concrete are required to fill one cubic metre. This equates to approximately 30-35 wheelbarrow loads.

Our concrete pumping service allows us to deliver readymix concrete to almost any location.

If your construction site is a long distance from the road, on an elevated or low lying position, underground, indoors or can only be accessed through a building our fast, efficient system is the ideal solution.

The service enables us to deliver concrete for use in foundations, floors or groundwork to any area which is normally inaccessible to large vehicles or where the environment may be easily damaged or disturbed by concrete-mixing and delivery equipment.

The system also dramatically reduces handling making delivery fast, clean and safe with minimal waste.

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Concrete Pump Service Concrete Pump Service
Concrete Pump Service


  • Fleet of small line pumps are capable of pumping concrete up to 300m away from the vehicle
  • Concrete can be pumped up to 100m vertically
  • Each vehicle comes with 100m of pipe as standard, larger lengths can be provided on request
  • All units are manned by 2 operatives to reduce set up time
  • All concrete is blown from pipe on-site ensuring all material has been delivered and equipment is ready for the next job
  • No project is too large or too small

Other Applications

  • DIY
  • Contractors
  • Health & Safety
  • Gallery
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Concrete Pump Service Concrete Pump Service

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